Monday, July 21, 2008

San D"yay"go!

I'm not even going to apologize for posting this so belatedly (look at my new word!), I'm just going to run with it. So the awesome threesome went to San Diego over the Fourth of July weekend, that would be Lisa, Audrey and myself if you're wondering. We had a fantastic time (well, my fantastic time dwindled toward the end as I was coping with some nasty tonsilitis, apparently it's not just for kids) and are making it an annual trip! Right Audrey and Lisa? It's been written so there's no backing down. ;) Anyways, yeah, fabulous time! Here is the picture of what our first fill up in CA cost:

Check out this view!:

(And I'll bet you're thinking I'm referring to the sunset, but I'm not, those surfers wer HOTT!)

Here is a picture of the awesome threesome (mind you we spent the day in a car):

(And, yes, I realize I'm not looking at the camera. I was distracted. HOTT surfers, remember?)

Let's see...OH! The fireworks!:

This one is just to show people that freckles don't really fade as you get older (but seriously, how frexy am I? Seriously!) :

I can't believe I almost forgot the Taproom! YUM! And the picture is us with our left overs, happy as clams that my car wasn't towed (my luck sucks, you know this). Did I say YUM!?

Fan-frickin'-tastic vacation girls!


Kathy said...

Looks like you had a great time.... and I think the gas here is just as high as it is in CA!

audrey said...

Fab time and yes it is now an annual thing. Nice post. Ready for next week? HA HA

kris said...

Fun pictures....what happened to the ones Audrey gave you!!!