Saturday, September 26, 2009

Katie's Sing-a-long Saturday

I've seen the "Monday Madness" posts and "Flashback Friday" posts and all the other special alliteration posts associated with the days of the week and I've joined the ranks. Nothing really special, but I'm sharing one of my favorite songs because I do just love it and felt like sharing. I don't know how regular this kind of post will be, but when I share a song I'll likely rattle of a story and why I like it

This one goes out to my cuz Holly.

The story:
12 or 13 years ago my sisters and I went with my mom to visit some family. Just a random night, nothing special about it to my knowledge, just a visit. Maybe dinner? Anyways, Holly is going to run to the store and I, being desperate to spark a friendship with just one of many uber-cool cousins, volunteer to go with her. I want to say it was the suburban? Must have been pre-Rabbit, I loved her Rabbit (Holly, it was you with the Rabbit, right?), but that's not where I'm going with the story. This song, today's sing-a-long song, is playing. I remember it being really loud and that she played it over and over on the way to the store and back. It was an instant favorite of mine. Did I ask her what the song was called? No, that would have made sense. Instead, I went to Circuit City (back when they were open and let you open CD's to listen to them before you bought them) to find the CD with this song. I was having a rough go of it. Finally I went up to the girl working there to get some help. How did I get this help? I had to sing it for her. Bless my amazing abilities to sing, she knew just what it was.
Why this song sticks out as one of my favorites? Uber-cool cousin Holly liked it and I the story of how I came to find it.
It's been years, but I still love this song and crank the volume (because that's how it's best heard) and when it randomly pops up on my ipod, I listen to it twice.
Without further ado, crank the volume and press play!
Comment, who else loves it?