Sunday, December 6, 2009

A weak 100th post

How is it that when I have something to blog I choose not to blog and when I do not have anything to blog I decide to post? So maybe this will be a bunch of snippets, updates about what is going on in my world (please stop begging now).

**This year is hard. It's only my 4th year and now I see why people get burned out in this profession. I have experienced things that I never thought I would have to and it's been a repeated slap in the face. Just 101 more days...
**My hair frustrates me. I need to sit my sister down sometime soon for a hacking and just can't mesh the schedules. So I dyed it.
**There is no hole yet.
**I am a football addict. I never saw it coming, it just did. Shocking.
**It is 39 degrees outside and I have no winter clothes.
**It is Sunday and I have no church clothes.
**Two dates in two weeks, also shocking.
**My skin is pasty white. I am in desperate need of a tan, which leads me to...
**Where should I lay on the beach this year? Suggestions?