Wednesday, December 4, 2013

28 days left of being 31

This sounded a whole lot cooler when there was 31 days left, which is when I started this post. I was thinking I'd come up with 31 things that I learned and/or did as a 31 year old, (clever, right?) but I got stuck...

So let's sum up 31, for those who weren't paying attention.
1. I trained. I trained my tail off. Literally. After I decided to dedicate this year to kicking my last Ironman's butt, I enlisted the help of a coach and on December 3rd gave up my life. Literally.
2. Swimming in the dead of winter is dumb. At 5 a.m. There were mornings steam was coming off the water, which was good for my mental game, because it made me think the water was warm. It was not.
3. Running a lot makes me faster. It does not, however, make me faster than people who do not train. To my dismay.
4. Everyone should take a trip to Rocky Point. I may not have loved EVERY minute of it, but I did love many minutes of it.
5. Always be aware of cameras. To be truthful, I learned this years ago and sadly I only started practicing it this year. What is also sad is that being aware still produced some pretty freak-tastic pictures. For those who've seen them, you're welcome.
6. Hand-me-downs are awesome. Even as an old lady.
7. Waking up continuously at 4:30 a.m. is really, really hard.
8. I love roadtrips with my friends.
9. San Diego is awesome.
10. Do not wear heels of any kind to The Gallery. You will always regret it.
11. I had a deprived childhood. Finding NKOTB as adult means many lost years drooling over Donny Wahlberg. I am sad.
12. Boy bands are for people of all ages.
13. Never go running without socks. No socks=blisters.
14. Flashy shoes don't really make you run faster.
15. Spray tanning is awesome. I look like I just got back from Maui and it only takes 15 minutes (and I only look like an Oompa Loompa 5% of the time).
16. If I had more money I would buy season tickets to Gammage.
18.Abbey is allowed to host Thanksgiving. Her and her minions did a great job (even if I didn't get any leftovers to take home).
19. Justin Timberlake is delicious. #nomnomnomnomnom
20. I give men more credit than they deserve. Seriously. Overanalyze and overthink things and I look like a fool. Take things at face-value, I...still look like a fool? Huh?
21. Abbey is allowed to host Thanksgiving. Her and her minions did a great job (even if I didn't get any leftovers to take home).

See? Stuck. Feel free to help me out.