Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ready, set, cut!

Every year at this time I get to feeling disappointed in my hair. Usually I bust out the scissors promptly after school pictures (seriously, 3 years now), but I think I need it cut before pictures this year. I desperately want long hair, but I know in my heart of hearts that I don't look amazing with long hair. :( We're going to take a mini-poll of all 3 readers of my blog. Do I cut it? Something like this I think (it's not so different from my usual cut):
Or endure the awkward stage I'm at and cut after September 9th? You have...a week. Help.

*Thanks to Katie A. for the picture.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

One more thing

I didn't go to the casting call on Thursday. Basically I am a giant chicken and didn't want to go by myself. Sadly, the friend who would have gone with me was unavailable (you're supposed to read into that that there were friends who adamantly refused to go).
I'm going to have to think of another way to introduce myself to those bachelors...

The silver lining

It's been a long two weeks. The training is hard. I have to teach procedures and rules. There are lines to straighten, pencil grips to fix, and oh, the paper snow from crazy cutting. My newbies are definitely coming along though. The tears were officially gone Friday. No one tried to make an escape from the cage, no one begged me to stay for lunch, and no one told me they missed their mom. Things are looking up, but it's been a LONG two weeks and I am missing my voice to prove it. But let me tell you why it's taking a toll:
*NO aides
*NO recesses (inside does not count)
but most importantly...
*NO Emily, Ishani, Ava, Molly, Mark, Jack, Brock, Payton, Ryan, Sophie, Tyler, Shane, Talmage, Keely, Cassidy, Mia, Colby, Bella, Kendall, Rebekah, Austen, Nicholas, Malia, Jakey, or Bryan.
Yes, I miss my last year's kiddos. :( It's the saddest thing to see them in the hall and know that they are having such a great time in 1st grade, to know that they are AmAzInG and that they are not being appreciated by their new teachers (come on, no one knows all the work we put in in kindergarten).
Mostly I'm getting over it, adjusting, but Friday I had a brief conversation with one of MY 1st graders that brought a tear to my eye. As I was taking my kids to P.E. I see a line of 1st graders and of course I had to say hi. One of mine was the line leader and as she gives me a hug she told me that she had a dream about me. I asked her if it was a good dream or a bad dream and she said it was her first good dream because I was in it.
Seriously, I was verkelmpt, choked with emotion. It made my day and destroyed it all at the same time.
I'm sure she meant it was good because I was in it (naturally ;) and it was the first dream that she'd ever had with me in it, but I'm going to ignore that because I am happy to believe that it was the best dream she's ever had because of me.

Don't burst my bubble.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Calling all eligible ladies...

For those of you wondering, the first week of school was just fine. I'm going hoarse, again, which is lame, but things could be worse. I believe it will be a pretty good year. :) For those of you who didn't know, yes, we went back to school last week. :) I LOVE Chandler! (Bing and the school district)

That's not what this post is about. Perhaps you were able to watch the last season of 'The Bachelorette' and your eyes were blessed to behold the jaw-dropping cast-offs of Jillian. Honestly, I'm glad she got rid of 'em all. I think Ed is great for her. I also think that these fellas could be great for me:

It turns out that one of these drop dead gorgeous men could be next season's Bachelor. And wouldn't cha know that there is a casting call for interested bachelorettes on Thursday in my city! What do you think? Should I go for it? We all know how lucky any of these men would be to get the chance to take me out. I'm sure that my kinders and their parents would understand and that the district would hold my job. I'm dusting off my glamour shot now.
Do I dare?