Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A risk I'm willing to take:

I have the scariest fan in the whole wide world. If you don't live in Arizona, you probably don't understand the necessity of the fan, but believe you me, they are important. Right now it's not even 9:30 a.m. and it's already 93 degrees outside my bedroom window, my fan is necessary. It has taken me some time to decide if I really want to up the rotation level from low (which doesn't do a damn thing) to medium or high. I believe that it is time to up it. "Why is this decision such a big deal?" you say, well I have the Fan Of Death hanging above my bed. Here's a peak at medium speed:

This fan really does scare the hell out of me. I cringe with every click and creak and wobble, I just know that one day it's going to fall right on top of me. If there is a day that you don't see me, it's because my wicked fan finally did me in. I love you all and would hate you leave you, but it is too frickin' hot to have the fan on low!

And yes I realize that I swore twice in this post. But it's nothing you wouldn't hear on PG-13 movie and I did resolve to get that kind of rating on my blog. My deepest apologies to anyone offended.

Friday, June 20, 2008

I've found my calling!

I had the best date ever today!* My date was amazing, but I'm getting ahead of myself. So I went bowling today and got my best score ever, a 203!** I had a couple of rough moments, like this one frame I think I only knocked 2 down pins, but when I looked at the guy I was with he smiled, gave me a thumbs up and told me I was awesome! Why can't all dates be that complimentary? Anyways, we shared a pretzel and an hour and a half at the bowling lanes, it was perfect. Thank you Carder, I had a great time!

*This date was entirely paid for by myself. However, since my date was a 6-year-old, I believe that would have to be the case. ;)

**My score of 3 games combined. ;)

So today I finally completed my last teacher auction date from Spring Fling. I had two of them, I'm not sure that I mentioned it WAY back in the Spring Fling post, but as part of the fundraiser teachers auction off time with their students to the highest bidder. This was my boy auction (the girl one was lunch and matching pedicures) with Carder and we did have a great time. He was totally done with bowling after 2 games, but persevered and made it through all 3. What a guy!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Play lists

I'm just going to say it, I really dislike play lists and here's the reason. I am a multi-tasker. I pride myself in being able to do many things, and do them well might I add, at the same time. I also LOVE music, I listen to it loud and sing it loud, too. That's said, when I turn my computer on I am doing a lot of things at the same time, for example, right now I have YouTube up, along with my e-mail, my blog and an IM conversation. What happens when I'm already listening to something on my computer and open a blog with a play list, is an overlapping of sound, which bugs the crap out of me. If I'm not listening to something already and open up a blog, I'm blasted with music from the blog because my volume is cranked up from the last time I was listening to something. The kicker is this, most play lists are NOT at the top of the page and I end up scrolling like mad to find them to pause them or scrambling for the volume control.

Now I realize that this is a personal problem. Many people that I love dearly have playlists and I'm not requesting that they delete them, in fact, I've found a lot of new favorite songs or old favorites by playlists, but there has to be a way to let the viewer start them, right?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Playing catch up

Did ya miss me? Don't even try to hide it, I know everyone has been checking my blog every chance they get to see if I've added a post. Wanna know how I know? The number of comments from my last posts (THANK YOU Brigitte!). Moving on, I know I mentioned surgery in one of the last posts, so I'm going to update on the messed up finger first. The diagnosis was a "Giant Cell Tumor" which the doctor assured me is quite benign (though this is the second time that I've had something removed from that same spot). I'm going to show some pictures and if you are easily grossed out, I encourage you to stop reading this post now. They aren't terrible, stitches and a little bruising is all. The good news is, I get the stitches out tomorrow AND only part of my finger tip is still numb! Woo hoo!
After (kinda):