Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Framing begins next week...

I can't even believe it! I thought it was high time that I stop mooching off my family (I SO do not mooch, just using the expression) and move into something that is bigger than a 10x10 square (it's IMPOSSIBLY HARD to cram 28 years of priceless mementos inot a room that size and still have a bed to sleep in). Isn't that exciting? Let me paint you a picture...
I'm the one on the far left. Minus the pretty foliage and mountains, the long driveway, and pretty flowers in the window. I'm also pretty sure that's not what the color will be, but a girl can dream.
My front door. More or less:
You just walked in and no, those mirrors won't be there:
You turned around at the top of the stairs to see the trio of doors (my doors will be two-paneled by-the-way). The left is the garage, straight ahead is a closet, and the right is the exit:
You're so excited to see the rest as you catch a glimpse coming upstairs:
I had to throw this in somewhere. These are my door "knobs" though they aren't knobs:
Prepare for house overload. These posts took FOREVER. Believe me, this model is not what I have envisioned for my sanctuary, but it's a start. If you're lucky you'll be invited to a house warming par-tay. And I mean PAR-TAY.

Laundry and kitchen

The laundry closet ('cuz this ain't a room):
The kitchen after you've walked upstairs:
The kitchen, from the hallway:
The kitchen from the refrigerator's point of view:
Uh huh, the kitchen from the dining room:
Scrap all the basic junk in the kitchen to get a better idea of what mine should look like. Picture 42" upper cabinets with crown, darker wood, darker counter top, black appliances, microwave over the range, and a better colored wall. Okay, a different colored wall.

Living and dining rooms

View of the living room from kitchen:
Now imagine that half wall you just saw transforming into a cute white railing like this:
Dining area, nope, I didn't invest in that lovely light:
Sadly, I have more carpet than tile, but here's another view of both rooms from the hall:
Picture different decor. I don't know about this model...

Bathroom and roomie room

The bathroom:
With this faucet:
And this light fixture:
A lucky roomie's room:
Another view:
I will just say no to these colors.

Master bathroom

Ignore the color, see this space:
With a double sink using these faucets:
These lighting fixtures:
This "garden tub" (apparently a must):
Ignore the colors. Not me.

Master bedroom

A walk-in closet (even if you just stand inside the door):
MY master bedroom:
Yep, still MY master bedroom:
You guessed it, MY master bedroom again:
Of course I can decorate better than this. These colors and this style is not me at all.


Sunday, January 10, 2010


Time to stop messing around. I've been pondering over New Year's Resolutions for over a week, the pondering turned into post-its, and now the post-its are a blog. Let me first say, I really sucked it up last year. The only resolution I really kept was to be "fiscally fit." I paid off enough and saved enough and came up with a plan and in the next 3-4 months I will get to have a house. Uh huh, a whole house that is mine. :) Be jealous.

On to 2010's goals, please note you do not have to read them, but I do need to write them down.

*1* Get smarter. I'm thinking this can be anything from reading less romance novel to taking a cooking class to sewing more.

*2* Write. I need to be better at documenting my life. Journal entries and/or blog posts. How will I ever learn from my mistakes if I don't write them down?

*3* Stay fiscally fit.

*4* Time management. I'm terrible at this. I do a lot of sitting and then rush to get things finished. OR I start something and move to something else before the first thing is finished and before you know it I've started 5 things, none of which get finished.

*5* "Network." This has been a goal for the last 2 years but I think that my friends and I have come up with a really good plan to keep up with this.

*6* Weight somethingorother. Food is for energy, not to make me happy and I don't need to eat 5 times a day particularly if I'm not hungry (not that I do that). I've been grocery shopping and we're gonna get really good at the eating this year.

*7* Vary my activity. I teach Group Active and Body Step, time to get some variety, a little more cross training. I've got a 10k on Valentine's Day.

*8* Spirituality. Time to read more, pray more, ponder more.

*9* Be honest at all costs. No more beating around the bush in an attempt to be nice. Just say it.

*10* Pretend this is a goal. I hate odd numbers. :)

See how well-rounded my goals are? Here's to success in 2010! Woo!