Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A creeper story for Brigitte

Alright, a few weeks ago as I was on my way to class with my good friend Audrey, I got this random text, something like: Thanks for helping me out tomorrow, I really appreciate it. I decided to have some fun and replied with a casual: No problem. Remind me what it is I am helping with. Anyways, it became painfully obvious within a few messages that this person totally had the wrong number and I told him so. He went on about being embarrassed and getting total pride check because he was fake numbered.

Ha ha, right?

Well, I'm always in for a little fun and conversation with random strangers (see 2008 internet dating posts as proof) so I text him for a while longer. He called me later that night.

Okay, this dude was all of 19 years old. He was a "motivational speaker" though, I don't know what a 19 year old could say that would be motivating. After an e-mail with pictures, and 5 minutes on the phone I was sure he was a creeper. You know the look, right? He had this total attitude on the phone like he was hot stuff and it was very evident from his photo that he was not (did I mention his last name was Pigg?).

Katie=creeper magnet

(apologies if no one but Audrey and Lisa found this story amusing. It may have been one you had to be there for.)

Happy Birthday to me!

How great are my room moms (and class)?

Ode (sorta) to Disneyland

Thanks to my uber-cool friends for humoring me and roadtripping it with me to Disneyland for my...(drumroll please)...27th birthday.

Generally, people take fabulous pictures with characters or in front of Disney monuments, but not me, I take pictures of random strangers. Enjoy the following:

Bread people- Guys, they were chowing down on a loaf of bread while waiting in line. A loaf of bread! Really I don't know why I thought this was funny, anyone here tried Grandma Sycamore's. Nuff said.
Also, for your viewing pleasure, girl with tail:
Here are some fabulous shots of Audrey, Lisa, and I crammed into one tiny car on Thunder Mountain Railroad. The girl put 3 adults in one car! We had a thrilling ride, to say the least.

Parting shots, just before we rang in 2009. We were freezing (no, I won't tell you the temperature).

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Do I have to?

Alright, given my fairly successful 2008 resolution run, you'd think I'd be a little more gung-ho about making my 2009 resolutions. However, here I am, hesitating over my keyboard... Oh well, I guess I should just get on with it.

#1 Lose weight. Just because I did rather well with this last year (hey, I DID lose weight, just not all that I wanted to). Piggy-backing on that would be the resolution to wear a bikini in Hawaii in June.

#2 Be fiscally fit. Also on last year's list, but I've really got a good head start now. Budgeting blunder no more.

#3 Go out. This is not a sly way of saying date. I need to actually get out of the house, which has been manifested boldly in my watching 88 episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in less than 2 months. (of course, I'm not giving that habit up, just adding to it. Now, I'm not saying dates are our of the question. Generally I don't have to pay for dates, so that would actually help out #2.

#4 Be nice. I mean this as in, not just putting up with people, but putting forth more effort to behave nicely to those people who bother me.

#5 No soda, except for holidays (until 2010 when I can persue all the carbonated and caffeinated beverages I want, should I choose). Thank Kelsi for this one. After days and days of headachew from caffeine withdrawals I have been clean for over a week. Unhappy and deprived, but full of water and not my beloved Diet Coke. Game on Kelsi, I can do this.

Maybe this will have to be continued later as I can't think of others, though I'm sure there are more.

(sorry Brigitte, I have one or two creeper stories, but they're going to have to wait, too. I promise to get one in this week. But you're going to have to set me up with a couple soon, because my creeper magnetism is deminishing, even the Arizonan creepers are starting to shy away.)