Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Comments requested

Look, I know we're all busy, but I need to feel appreciated. That said, I'd love some comments, just a little validation that I am as funny as I think I am. In turn, I promise to try to be a better commenter on your posts. Just so we're clear. ;)

Who's organizing the next trip? I'm sooo in.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I'm going to let my amazing photographic talent tell the story of my trip to heaven, a.k.a. Kaua'i.

(they are in no particular order)
Mar and Luvey at the luau:

A rooster at the luau (his closest friends did me a HUGE favor on my vacation and made sure I was awake at 3:45 a.m. everyday. Thanks rooster pals!):
Queen Emma's bath? I think? (I've never heard of her but she has a bath named after her and that's cool, right?):
This particular bath is dangerous, note the skull and cross bones:
The bath, again:
You guessed it, my companions, minus KJ, at the bath:
A picturesque waterfall on the way to the bath (I'm getting it copyrighted, I'm so talented, yes?):
Keaton and I. Keaton is my 16 year old surf instructor. Yes, I got up and yes, I realize the position of my hand is freaky:
Another display of my talent: This guy was under our table, at every table we went to. Also managed to show up everywhere we went:
Half of the Kauai' companions post air plane ride, pre hospital trip:
I'm a total hottie, 12 hours of travel does not take away from my gorgeousness:
Hale Makena (Home of Cockroaches):
I'm in the wrong profession, again, my talent. This was taken from the Costco parking lot. Wish it was my Costco parking lot:
Mar and Ab:
Kakes and I:
Mar and Luvey and Ab and Carla (notice the smiles, these were not present at the airport on the way home):
And now school has started and this vacation is a distant, distant memory. Who's planning my next vacation?