Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gimme your Box Tops!

I know that we have had this conversation. I know we have. I remember telling you all just what products you can cut these bad boys off of and save for my loveable, well-deserving classroom. It's time to send those collections to me (I'm aware that there are only 2 of you; shame, shame on the other 5 readers of my blog. Audrey, you get a free pass because you are collecting Box Tops yourself) If you have any, and I mean ANY, just let me know where to send the self-addressed envelope.

As of right now, my class is in 1st place. But, I know (for a fact because I am snoopy) that there is at least one teacher who is holding out. When I say holding out, I mean she has an entire box full. We're talking over 1,000. And I know that she, I mean they, are just waiting for February 25th (which is the deadline) to roll around so she, I mean they, can blindside me.

Help us out! Where should I send the envelope? Remember, deadline is February 25th, so I need them before then. My kindergarteners thank you.