Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lopsided Chipmunk

I look as good as I feel, you decide.

I'm not me...

So I've been acting like a complete spaz this last week and I only can think of one explanation: the drugs. I've been loopy, paranoid, sleepy, forgetful, anxious, and I don't know, ask anyone who has associated with me. I've decided to take a big step and boycott the pain meds. After skipping the last dose I was supposed to have, I'm not entirely convinced that I should be finished, but I'm not really diggin the idea of not controlling my thoughts, words, and actions. It's more like a dull, uncomfortable pain so I think I can handle it. By tomorrow I'm hoping the weirdness will have faded and I'll be acting like me again, cross your fingers.

On to other news, I go back to school Monday. No kids yet, but back to school. It's really bitter sweet actually. I love that I have the opportunity to sleep in (which I've only taken advantage of today), but I feel like I'm not getting much done. Any ideas on what to do for the last REAL 24 hours of my break?

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Okay, those who know me know that there are just some things I cannot say no to, you know, like Diet Coke. ;) Anyways, the point of this post...I'm um, re-creating my MySpace. I KNOW! It's terrible, but I'm just so nosy and the blog-hopping isn't cutting it, I mean, I can't look up specific people and it drives me completely insane. Maybe I should blame this on 2 weeks off for spring break... No, I'm not looking for love on MySpace (are you kidding me?), just thought I would throw that out there in case someone actually thought that was a reason. I'm not even close to being desperate, so no way am I THAT desperate!

In other news, I get my lonely wisdom tooth pulled on Tuesday. They're gonna hook me up to an IV and drift me off to sleep and get that baby out. I get to look like a lopsided chipmunk for 3 days of my spring break. Woo hoo!!! At least it'll give me a reason to skip the gym for a few days (I've been very good about going for the last week, like 2 hours a day even!). I do like going to the gym, mostly because I get results, but a break will be nice. :)

So next time to see me I will be prepared to be razzed about the dumb account, give me a break, I'm only human!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Did you want pictures?

Not that someone made the comment on the blog specifically (why comment, right? WRONG!), but I meant to post some pictures from The Big Bang and never did. So here you go!