Saturday, September 11, 2010

First things first

A tour of my beloved's been 7 months and I've been busy. That said, we're going to take this slowly, one room at a time so you can behold all the loveliness. Here's my sanctuary, in all it's Scotland Road (paint color) glory:

"Katie, it's beautiful! But a couple of things are obviously missing, no?" says awestruck blog post reader.

"Why yes, yes there is a glaringly obvious item or two missing," says Katie.
Sundra Blossom Collecion Euro Sham x2 (plus the pillows)
from Anthropology
Who wants to get me a housewarming gift?
And if you're feeling generous, a dresser, armoire, and a couple of night stands would be an excellent addition, too.
Just sayin'.
Tomorrow (or the next day): the bathrooms!