Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bang This!

Today is the one week anniversary of our night out with Kelsi and the birthday that will go down in infamy. We went out last Saturday to celebrate my baby sister turning the monumental 21. It was girl's night out with my sisters, my mom, Carla (the adopted sister) and we decided to go to Big Bang, a dueling piano bar in Tempe. We got pretty good parking (we took 2 cars) and headed inside. It was really a lot of fun! The pianists were EXTREMELY talented (I was totally jealous) and very funny, too. We decided to call it a night at about 11:30 and left. As one group gets to the cars first, they notice that instead of our cars, others are parked in their stead. Hmmm. How could that happen? Behind the fence was the answer: No Parking, Violators will be towed. They were kind enough to list the phone number of the company who had graciously moved our cars along with the amount that would be collected at pick up, $140. Chump change.

After reasoning did not work on the dedicated employees at said company, we resorted to calling for rides with the assurance the cars could be picked up on Sunday. Rides being hard to come by at, oh, 12:30 a.m., 2 nice gentlemen came to rescue us with cars that would fit 5 (there were 6 of us). So, 3 get in one car, and the other 3 get in the truck. We laughed about how surreal the entire night had been on the ride home, how hilarious that our cars got towed and we couldn't get them back! Knowing that we should drive carefully home, so we didn't draw attention to the fact the there were 4 of us crammed into the small cab, we drove carefully home. Unfortunately, it just wasn't our night. As we exited the freeway, we were pulled over. The nice officer administered a sobriety test on the driver and scolded us for not wearing seatbelts. The driver got a warning for his speed and we got tickets for failing to "buckle up." It really was a fabulous night, completely unforgettable. Hopefully I'll be able to talk my sister into sharing the pictures, as I know you want to see.

The moral of the story, part 1: Closer parking does not always equal a quick getaway.

The moral, part 2: Always wear your seatbelt.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Not the last post, silly

I was waiting for something important to say...still thinking about that. Maybe I'll update the resolutions thus far. Not much to be said for #1 except that I've worked out a lot this week. The budget is kinda coming along, I blew the credit card at Semi-Annual Sale, but I don't think I'm going to let it get me down. I'm thisclose to deleting MySpace after seeing a joyous update on someone's profile, I've written in my journal once and this is my 2nd blog this year. What were some of the other ones???

Anyways, I have my very own Group Active class at the new FitnessWorks in Chandler!!! I'm totally excited, maybe even giddy. I'd love to have more and I've pondered training in another format, I'm turning into a gymrat. Whodathunk?

What else...OH! I'm excited that since I've sent my blog link to family, I've been able to lurk on a couple of my cousin's blogs and see their adorable growing families. It is weird to think of them as parents, I still remember them wearing neon orange Cousin's Camp tees and walking around downtown Salt Lake with twinner hair.

As for the weird order of Christmas pics, I actually did the top set of pictures last, so all the captions make sense if you read them backwards. Sorry Celeste, I'm still new at this!

Happy 21st Birthday Kelsi!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

This may be the last one

Yep, that's the last of them. ENJOY!

...even more...

There are more (my family is bigger than I thought).

...and some more...

Christmas pictures 2007

A smattering of pictures...