Sunday, July 27, 2008

Home Sweet Classroom!

So this is where I'll be living for the next 10 months. Isn't it cute!?!
The calendar:

Job/Information board:

The back of the room (I made the curtains, cool eh?):

Cubby wall:

Behind my desk:

My wall:
Don't you wish you were in my class? Wish me luck!


Kat said...

Girl- that is the cutest classroom I have ever laid eyes on. your kids are so stinkin lucky. I especially love the wall with the pledge of allegiance on it! So cute and patriotic.
We need to have lunch b4 I get a job!

audrey said...

love it.. turned out super cute. Makes me want to come and hang in your room!

Brigitte said...

how cute!! (and your curtains look adorable too)

Good Luck!!

Lauren said...

So cute! Wanna come help me make mine cute, too?? Good luck with the year!

kris said...

Very cute!! But then I know that...I've been there I helped. I am sad you didn't post my Fabulous artwork :(

jennifer hulet said...

What a cute room! That must have been a lot of work! But it really paid off it looks FABULOUS!

Kathy said...

I love the classroom! I wouldn't mind going back to kindergarten:) When does school start?

Brigitte said...

Katie! I've got box tops for ya! Email me your address and I'll send them off.


Brandon said...

Well thanks for the advice!!! I was planning on just leaving immediately. I have learned that with nursery early on.
But your class room is so cute. I bet every mom wants you to be there kids teacher. You are so cute.

Mcbride Family said...

That was me, not Brandon!

Emily said...

not that your not busy and trying to get the school year started.But IM doing a co-op preschool and wanted to know if you have any good ideas, or what we need to make sure to teach the kids so they are ready for kindergarten next year.If you have time anything would help
thank You

by the way your class room is cute, I bet your a fun teacher.

holly said...

I bet you are the cutest kindergarten teacher ever.