Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pretty yards

I've felt a little left out not posting and talking about my own yard (alright, it's not my yard, but I live there), so here is a post which will fully put all those other yard shots to shame. Top this!

I wanted to show a front and side view so you could really get the full effect. Isn't she a beaut?! It's obvious that we don't need to worry about a pesky HOA sending nasty notices to us. :) Woo hoo!

So I'm totally kidding, that is, however, the view I get when I walk out of my house every day. This is what our yard looks like. Doesn't KJ do nice work?


kris said...

Nice yard....looks a bit like mine.

Anonymous said...

Sweet yard! You all totally win the award:)

da linfords said...

If you lived in my neighborhood I would let my dog poop on your 'yard', if you even call it a yard. That's pathetic. ;) Just kidding. Well, not really, IF you had really left your yard looking like that.