Saturday, December 8, 2007

The "Holiday" Party

Okay, so about the work holiday party, is it really okay to have children under the age of 9 present when there is an adult party happening? I'll pretend for a second to be grateful that someone offered their home and hosted, but I don't think it is right for the kids to be present. Not only that, but when you are doing something you really don't want to do for someone you love, shouldn't you paste on a happy smile and just do it? I really think that it is rude to let party-goers know that you are unhappy that your house was offered and make it VERY obvious that it will never happen again. It's just not okay, at least pretend you don't mind until the last person is out, then let your significant other know your true feelings. That said, the night wasn't a total bust. I was able to make a fool out of myself by being the first to kareoke (and y'all know my voice ain't what it used to be) and I also was re-familiarized with a classic quote that will be featured soon. Plus I got to chit-chat with some people I didn't know so well and help organize th "Cool Club," pretty awesome right? Anyways, here's a picture of me and my good friend Aud, and another of me and my good friend Lisa who put on happy faces for all in attendence. Aren't we lookers?!?

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audrey said...

We ARE lookers. Good luck, our class is taking the pizza party! :) kristen's suggestion is good, isnt it!? The holiday party was a success, but we did learn some valuable lessons. Coach Robin wins "the best line of the night" award!