Monday, December 31, 2007

That's twice now...

Yes, yes, you see them, aren't they pretty? I was fortunate enough to have that bouquet flung at my face Friday night at a friend's reception. I'm not kidding, they smacked me right in the face, what choice did I have but to catch them after that? This brings my bouquet catchings to a total of 2 (the first being my sister's wedding a year and a half ago). Who thought of this tradition? And I'd like to see some actual data behind what it supposedly means, 'cuz I'm not buying it. Not that I cry myself to sleep over the fact that it hasn't worked for me (those days are way in my past), but I have never heard of it actually working...

In the spirit of tradition, what would New Year's be like if I didn't make my annual "lose weight before summer" resolution? I think I have a shot at it this year seeing how I will be teaching a group fitness class and I want to be a good role model for those participating in it. So in the last of my 2007 blogs I figured I would post some of my 2008 resolutions with this idea in mind: all 5 of you that read this can ask me randomly how I am doing with them. Here they are in no particular order...(drum roll, please)

1. Lose weight before summer (I told you it was tradition)

2. No credit cards!!!

3. Create and stick to a budget (kinda goes hand in hand with #2)

4. Play! I've spent too much time the last 4 years being comfortable staying home.

5. Get a PG-13 rating on my blog (your post inspired me Lauren, I feel like I have something to strive for), can't be that hard for me.

6. Delete my MySpace! All I do is stalk people I shouldn't on there anyways.

7. Serve more.

8. Try to keep up my journal (or blog, or both).

9. Limit my caffeine intake (HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Right!)

10. Like myself more. That may not make sense to you all, but I know what I mean and that's all that counts.

Let me know if I've missed anything. Happy New Year!!!

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Lauren said...

Katie, dear, I'm so proud of your list of resolutions. You've inspired me because I was feeling kind of anti-resolution this year. I'm also quite interested in seeing if you get a PG 13 rating on your blog. I check to see if you update your blog probably twice a day and love hearing about what's going on. I suppose one of my resolutions should be to keep in touch with you better. Perhaps a summer visit to AZ should be on my list, too. Love ya lots and happy new year (and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, friend!)