Friday, December 21, 2007


They are off!!! I am officially brace free as of the 18th, isn't that fantastic?! No many people told me about how weird it would be to feel smooth, slimy teeth again, but I have to say that what I notice most is how I can't get enough of my smile. Insert Carly Simon here (you know, "You're so vain") Anyways, I have retainers now too, which I am none too pleased with. I lisp with them in and they are cutting up my tongue, life is so hard.
In addition to my fabulous smile, I started my Group Active training. Oh yes, for those of you who don't know, I am on my way to becoming a group fitness instructor. Unitards and leg-warmers here I come. I kid, I kid. It is a really awesome class that incorporates cardio, strength, balance, and flexibility all into one. The best part is you don't look like a retard for not knowing how to do any of the moves because it's all explained in the class. You are all invited to my soon as I get one.
Last, but definitely no least, yesterday was my last day of school for the year. I love that I now get to sleep in for 2 weeks, plus I get presents because my birthday is coming up (I know, it's really just another day, but I'm being positive). Our class had a pretty good party, I'm impressed with the parent help that came out, it really was a success. I got a terrific jewelry set from a little boy in my class that I wore all day as you can see in the picture (my first without braces!).

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Lauren said...

Your smile is beautiful! I loved the feeling of just having the braces words of advice are: KEEP USING THE RETAINERS! Even if they drive you nuts; I really regret giving up on that part of the teeth straightening process. Much love!