Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stories 5, 6, and 7

Sorry yo's, but I got busy (and a little tired of blogging every night). Here you go:


After the birdshit incident (think that will be the last time I refer to it) we went back to the time share to clean up. Hello Mamma Mia! I wore my A-MAZING dress (purchased in the last post) and sucked it up and wore my cute houndstooth shoes. :) We all went to the dinner buffet at Mandalay Bay. $30 bucks, I actually winced when I swiped my credit card. I don't think I've ever paid that much for a meal I didn't share before. Dinner was pretty good, dessert Sucked with a capital S. They didn't even have cheesecake! We got a cute dinner picture though:

In the bathroom, I ran into a former parent. Weird! I actually babysat for her this last summer, so we're pretty cool. We both did a double-take, I actually felt pretty popular at that point, she seemed really excited to see me, it was a good ego boost. She invited us to crash a wedding party at Rumjungle, gave me the name 10 times and left. I get to my stall and I hear a man's voice yelling "Hi Katie" into the bathroom (a pretty full bathroom). I guess Mrs. Nickel* had insisted that her husband go into the bathroom to say hi.

Mamma Mia was awesome! This is my 2nd time seeing it on stage and it was great! I like the movie, even have the soundtrack (yeah, I have the Broadway soundtrack, too), but on stage is even better. If you love ABBA, you will love Mamma Mia.
Rum Jungle! Kids, I made it through dinner, Mamma Mia, and one hour of dancing at Rum Jungle in my super cute shoes. You're so proud, right? We had to crash the party (we look like the crasher type, don't we?). The music was great. Mr. and Mrs. Nickel* were very happy to see me and my pals and we all had a grand ole time. This was the best club we went to. By mentioning the wedding party we got VIP wrist bands and went right in. Yay! More pictures.
Lynda and I both had Nickel* children last year:

Yes, I had fun:

Aud and I, just because :)
* Names have been changed to protect identities


Our last day we trolled "the Strip" and I think we covered about 25 miles. Here are last day pics:


Lauren said...

You look so dang cute in all of these pictures! Love the dress! Sounds like you had a fun time!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you had a great time! I love the dress and the shoes. I'm totally impressed that you made it so long in deadly shoes...I have a few pairs of my own...ouch!!

P.S. I was just looking through Brigitte's blog and I was intrigued by a comment you made. You said "Some of my best pictures are taken in westernwear"...I think I'm going to need to see those pictures:)

audrey said...

Trip was well documented.

Brigitte said...

Oh I'm so jealous! I so want to see MammaMia.

And I can't wait for your western wear pictures! Make sure you blog them.