Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The next story

Let's see, where did I leave off... Oh, yes, $40 flip flops. So we decided to check out some clubs, you know, get acquainted with the whole sin city scene and ventured to Jet (in the Mirage), flip flops and all. It was supposed to be this pretty cool place, 3 rooms with different music in each. It was a bust. Jet gets 2 thumbs down from Katie. The room with the best music was friggin' packed and you couldn't dance without risking a cigarette burn so we bounced on outta there.

Here's where the night really gets good, we cross the street and happen upon Ghiradelli. Woo hoo! Things were looking up. So I order this:

It's the gold rush and it was GOOD (this picture sucks, I should have taken one, but I didn't)! Anyways, it was just too much goodness for me to finish so I decided to be done and we walked away. I kid you not, not one minute later some kid (we're thinking homeless) just sits down at my seat and goes to town on my sundae. (Audrey, if you're reading this I'm needing some pictures to fully explain this story) We all bust a gut, not at his unfortunate situation, but just at the situation in general.

Long story really short: a homeless man ate my sundae right in front of me.


Brigitte said...

haha. That is so funny! It reminds me of this guy I knew back in a singles ward. He was in his thirties and just barely starting college. I guess he used to be a "traveler", as he put it, and then the missionaries gave him a book of mormon and he eventually got baptized and moved to Provo.

SO here's the connection, he told me that when he traveled around the US hitchhiking he would stop at pizza places and buy a drink and just wait for people to leave so he could go eat their uneaten food. Guess it's a pretty common thing! haha.

audrey said...

I will get you the pics asap so you can add them. Why when i read it does it not sound as hilarious as it did when it happened. Great job documenting our trip. I may just copy and paste.

Katie said...

So one time when I worked at Victoria's Secret I was doing "hand demos" in the mall and watched a...gentleman go through the trash, pick up a drink and finish it off. He then laid down on the bench and had a snooze. Interesting.