Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bonus story: Sunday night

Last Vegas post, I think. Sunday night we went to a Cirque de Soleil show at T.I., Mystere.
Super cool! I didn't follow the story at all, no idea what was going on, but the acrobats and gymnasts or whatever we awesome. They made things like climbing a pole look like something everyone can do, it was completely effortless. Way, way cool.

Then I lost $25 at the slots thanks to this unlucky gnome:

Lisa (not Lisa kindergarten teacher), Audrey and I went to a bar because Lisa said she met this nice guy and his son's friend who she said was cute. Audrey and I like eye-candy, so we went to have a peek. This kid kept talking about Flagstaff, he'd been to Flagstaff. We asked why, his response: "I aborted a baby there." Yeah. We left.

Myst. Cool lounge with the one and only Rustyn Vaughn Lee strumming up a storm on his gitar. He was a pretty good piece of eye-candy, weird "aborted-baby-in-Flag" guy, notsomuch. How cute is he? AND, how cute are we?
Waiting to get on the plane. We were just vegging, wondering why we were feeling crowded by wheelchairs, note the handicapped symbol on the chair:


Allie Linford said...

Cirque Du Soleil has the most amazing shows. We have seen quite a few of them and it just blows my mind everytime. That is really the only thing I love about Vegas but those shows really make the trip worth it. You look adorable in all of those pictures. Thanks for all of your comments on my blog, you are doing much better!!! You know what I mean.

audrey said...

damn gnome

Brigitte said...

So ummmm, what's with the gnome? Am i missing something?