Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Playing catch up

Did ya miss me? Don't even try to hide it, I know everyone has been checking my blog every chance they get to see if I've added a post. Wanna know how I know? The number of comments from my last posts (THANK YOU Brigitte!). Moving on, I know I mentioned surgery in one of the last posts, so I'm going to update on the messed up finger first. The diagnosis was a "Giant Cell Tumor" which the doctor assured me is quite benign (though this is the second time that I've had something removed from that same spot). I'm going to show some pictures and if you are easily grossed out, I encourage you to stop reading this post now. They aren't terrible, stitches and a little bruising is all. The good news is, I get the stitches out tomorrow AND only part of my finger tip is still numb! Woo hoo!
After (kinda):


Lauren said...

Ouch! Thanks for the happy birthday wish. We do need to talk and catch up soon. I hope you're enjoying your summer vacation; this is a great perk about our job!!!

Joshua said...

. . . One more reason not to pick your nose! ha Glad that the surgery went well. It's crazy how random things like that start happening as we get older.

jeffandlorraine said...

I'm glad the surgery went well. I hope the feeling comes back all the way in your finger! I had surgery on my jaw 3 years ago and my chin is still partly numb!

da linfords said...

K. So. When I first saw your picture I freaked out cuz I thought you had your fingernails removed and I threw up a little in my mouth. Then I realized that picture is the bottom of your hand. right? hope so!! haha. Well glad you are back!!