Friday, June 20, 2008

I've found my calling!

I had the best date ever today!* My date was amazing, but I'm getting ahead of myself. So I went bowling today and got my best score ever, a 203!** I had a couple of rough moments, like this one frame I think I only knocked 2 down pins, but when I looked at the guy I was with he smiled, gave me a thumbs up and told me I was awesome! Why can't all dates be that complimentary? Anyways, we shared a pretzel and an hour and a half at the bowling lanes, it was perfect. Thank you Carder, I had a great time!

*This date was entirely paid for by myself. However, since my date was a 6-year-old, I believe that would have to be the case. ;)

**My score of 3 games combined. ;)

So today I finally completed my last teacher auction date from Spring Fling. I had two of them, I'm not sure that I mentioned it WAY back in the Spring Fling post, but as part of the fundraiser teachers auction off time with their students to the highest bidder. This was my boy auction (the girl one was lunch and matching pedicures) with Carder and we did have a great time. He was totally done with bowling after 2 games, but persevered and made it through all 3. What a guy!


Joshua said...

You totally had me going until the second paragraph. haha

Katie said...

Yes!!! That was the idea!

audrey said...

I knew it all along. How is Carder's arm? I hope not still in a cast!

Kathy said...

funny stuff! That is so cute! You just can't beat a good game of bowling and 6 yr. olds are so entertaining!!!

jeffandlorraine said...

What a fun teacher you are!!! Those kids are lucky to have you!