Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring Fling, baby!

Our school just had our annual Spring Fling! It's our huge fund-raiser that involves the entire school and community. Each teacher (about 30) creates a classroom booth which is a game and everyone who plays gets a prize. On top of that we have a silent auction with themed baskets and "time with your teacher" (which is so fun). Last year we raised over $20000 and this year was much bigger, all our hard work paid off! So here is a picture of my AMAZING booth, which wouldn't have been so AMAZING if it hadn't been made mostly by my wonderful family (thank you Mar and Luvey!).

In addition to the class booths, the most fun of teachers (which includes me, of course) place themselves as targets in the pie-throwing booth and dunk tank.

Alright, so the pie booth isn't so bad as long as your eyes aren't open when the pie comes at your face AND if they don't angle the plate upward so you get cream up the nose AND if you don't mind the smell of fermenting whipped cream in your hair for 24 hours. Really though, a lot of fun watching how excited they all got each time the pie hit my face...

The dunk tank, well, it's a booty work out. I don't have the longest legs (I know you're shocked to hear that) so climbing up and down isn't as easy as you'd think. This also took place at about 8:30, you can imagine the desert with no sun right? Still the kids thought it was a friggin' hoot watching me hit the water and were so excited to hit the target (with a ball or their hand).

Thank you to my supportive and adoring family for trekking out to Chandler for the big shin dig. Aren't they great?!?!


Lauren said...

What a fun teacher you are!

kris said...

Yep, it was a fun night! We love you Katie! You are the cutest Kindergarten teacher in the world!