Thursday, April 17, 2008

And also, thank goodness for Copy & Paste!

Just a side note, there have been many-a-blog that I've spent my hard-to-come-by time writing (go me with all the hyphens!) that have failed to publish. I got so friggin' tired of trying to re-write (hyphen!) all my witty blogs that I've decided Ctrl C adn Ctrl P are my new best friends. I really think this relationship is going to take me places. ;)


jeffandlorraine said...

Hey Katie! I love your blog! And funny thing...on Marsha and Brady's page, look at their friends Heather and Greg and see if you recognize anyone! Blast from the past!

da linfords said...

Yea!! I LOVE your new blog skin! And by the way.... I laugh everytime I see your blog title, so funny.