Sunday, October 3, 2010

The throne rooms

Okay, I'm not in love with the title, but you know what's coming, bathrooms. Here's the main bathroom, which I am officially turning over to Kelsi. Anyone who's familiar with my history with this bathroom will know what that means. I think.
Okay, I may help and put some things on the shelves, but other than that, I wash my hands of it. Really.
I was going for girly and I think I succeeded. The pink isn't too strong, though not as subtle as I had intended. The rest of the decor will be non-pink.
For some reason I felt like my bathroom was less deserving of decoration than the main bathroom. However, now that I'm giving the other one to Kelsi, I am thinking I may have to work on it a little more. In case you are wondering, the walls are not white, but "mystical sea" which is a pale green which compliments my boudoir nicely.
This is a close-up of my daily affirmation. It's pretty much true. All the time. I give my permission for you to copy. (my mom wrote it, by-the-way, doesn't mean I don't feel the same)
A very similar shower curtain as in the first bathroom, but white. I'm going for simplistic. At this point it is really simple. However, until my sugar daddy Ryan Reynalds realizes his mistake marrying Scarlett, and starts to shower me with the gifts and money I am so deserving of, I suppose I'll add to it myself. Sporadically.
That's it really. Now, any hints or ideas are absolutely welcome. Do NOT suggest an over-the-toilet standing cabinet. Other than that, what do you have?
P.S. I still have not received the shams (see prior post). Don't be shy.

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