Saturday, October 16, 2010

That's Good, That's Bad

I'm interrupting the house tour (that no on in particular is paying attention to) to share a little about my break. In an attempt at creativity and using effective transitions, I shall model this post about my October break after a children's book. Without further ado:
That's Good, That's Bad
by me

Parent-Teacher conferences were over and it seems the 1st quarter was over.

That's good.

No, that's bad. How in the world can a I end a quarter without being ready for it in the first place? Frightening.

First quarter ending means that I had to dip into personal funds for pizza and ice cream for the entire class.
That's bad.

No, that's good. The 4th graders worked their tails off to please the me and meet some lofty goals and deserved a reward.

And so the children fled the school building on Friday, October 1 for two weeks of fall break.

That's good.

No, that's bad. Fall break means that I will be spending all my free time planning and planning and planning some more.

That's bad.

No, that's good. If I spend my entire break planning, maybe I will be sane for the majority of 2nd quarter.

A break from school means a break in routine. In order for me to not gain 15 pounds over break, I volunteered to sub a whole bunch of group fitness classes to keep myself active.

That's good.

No, that's bad. Midway through the week I rolled my ankle (the same one "broken" a couple of years ago) and that sucker puffed up.

Luckily, I'm no wuss and I have all my wraps and ice packs from the last incident and it's looking alright.

In addition to my group exercise madness I volunteered to go on a bike ride at 4 a.m. on my October break, in the dark, with a bunch of peeps I don't know really well.

That's bad.

No, that's good. I have recently decided to try a few tri's (as in in triathlons) and a bike ride is good for my heart, and my rear.

Everyone bailed except the organizer who happens to make my brain go to mush everytime he talks to me, let alone looks at me. Sigh.

That's good.

No, that's bad. Not only is the man over 10 years my senior, he also has a harem. You heard correctly. Trust me, it's never going to happen.

I met up with a friend for dinner. We caught up and discussed how amazing my life is (ha!). I had just come from the gym so I looked pretty much like a wet cat. Eeeew.

That's bad.

No, that's good. Our server seriously got his flirt on. If someone is willing to flirt with you when you look like scum, imagine what they'll think when they see you in something other than spandex. Am I right or am I right?

I gave him my phone number.

That's good.

No, that's bad. After a little facebook stalking (don't look like that, you know you do it, too) I find out that our server is just about 10 years my junior. Seriously. SERIOUSLY.

Before I know it, it's October 15th and break is over. Have I planned? No. Have I read to help me reach an outrageous A.R. goal? No.

That's bad.

No, that's good. Turns out, I really think I needed the lazy time. I'll get myself organized the first week back and hopefully read like a, like a, well like a thing that reads really fast to meet my goal (or beg my students to let me lower it).

During the course of my break, I was awoken by a phone call telling me that my sister was on her way to the hospital to have a baby. Yay baby Madden!!!

That's good.

No, that's great!

(see Madden? He's my fall break silver lining.)

Okay, I'm not really creative, but all these things did happen. Embarassingly enough, every single one. My break was pretty chill, though the Forbidden experience will be hard to top in the future. Let me just say, girls truly just wanna have fun.


Marie said...

Sounds like an eventful break. Sorry about your ankle. Hope its doing better. And FYI, I have been keeping up on your house tour, I just never comment=)

Tristan said...

I love that children's book. What a cute post...and fun to keep up on your happening life. Glad you relaxed some over break. Wishing you a great 2nd quarter. Hope to run into you...we miss our Miss. Rigby.

Josh said...

There are 10 years between my grandparents . . . just sayin :P


Have I told you I love you? Your hilarious!!

audrey said...

That ain't no thang... who cares about the age difference. Go for it, coug it up! :) Think he'd be down for a Forbidden night?

Robin said...

I agree. Turn all cougar and take that kid out!

Lauren said...

Totally not sure how I missed this post, but I'm glad I came to visit to read this gem. Sounds like you are plugging along, despite some ups & downs. Hope you are having a good for me, this year is one big ball of crap-o-la!!! Let's talk for reals sometime soon:)