Thursday, June 25, 2009

8 days and counting...

Alright peeps, let's be honest, who really feels like they've been neglected by my not posting? Let me go ahead and detail my summer thus far and I'm sure you'll agree you haven't missed out much:


I think that's pretty much it. You're all caught up! Wait! Did I mention I am house shopping? Yes, I am no longer satisfied with my 12'x10' space and I'm looking to upgrade. I've even submitted an offer and I'm waiting for a BPO (don't ask, I don't know). Sweet, eh? Let me think, is there something I'm missing... Okay, I guess I could do a better sum up than that.

I said goodbye to my amazing kinders. :( I really did have an amazing class and, unfortunately, it was time for them to move on to 1st grade. It's actually depressing, I had 25 kiddos who could read, write, problem solve, and follow directions and in just 3 and a half weeks I will have 24 kids who will cry for their moms, be unable to hold a pencil, and unable to tie their shoes (alright, actually most of my last year's kids couldn't do that...). I exaggerate, I am excited for a new group, but the others will be missed and I've told them they are in trouble if they don't come back to see me.
I got a camera! I'm still figuring it out...

Uh, I read. Let's see, Twilight (again), New Moon (again), Eclipse (again), Breaking Dawn (again), The Host, Everyone Worth Knowing (again). Maybe I need some new books... By-the-way, I recommend The Host. It took awhile to get into, but I really liked the characters (and the happy ending, those are a must). Who's got a book for me to read?

Really that's it. A few barbecues with family and a couple movies. Here's what I'm looking forward to:

-A house! (hopefully this will be resolved before I go back to school)
-Hawaii! (8 days...)
-Wicked! (oh yes, it is FINALLY my turn to see it)

Audrey, here is your post. Unfortunately y-chromosomes have been MIA this summer, thus far, and therefore nothing too entertaining to write about. Men usually are the subject of my best posts. Let's all cross our fingers, shall we? ;)


audrey said...

I am satisfied now that you have posted.... that must mean you think my blog is a bore because they are NEVER about men... Katie, have I taught you nothing at all? I do have some must reads this summer. Both Tori books and a couple others you may enjoy if you are looking to get out of you "usual reads." YES on PJ- Always a yes to PJ!!!

Cara said...

I have been having Katie Withdrawals! That's exciting about the house...good for you! Get some roommates who will pay your mortgage! Jealous about Hawaii, wish I could go again. A book for you to read is, My Sister's Keeper, there is a movie coming out this month about it and the book was great!
We need to get together for lunch whenever I am off my blasted HCG diet...maybe later in the month I can have you over for lunch in my new place!

Josh said...

Hiya Katie! Hawaii?! Congrats! That destination is on my list as well . . . it will just probably be 20 years till I get there. lol I loved the Host as well. I actually think I enjoyed it more than the twilight series. Are you looking for a house in Mesa or some other neck of the woods? As for book suggestions I've recently read and enjoyed the Eragon series (way better than the movie and each book improves upon the former) and The Hunger Games (simply amazing and book 2 comes out this year I believe).

Brady + Marsha said...

I love to read anything you have to say Katie! Have you read the shopaholic books? I haven't read them, but I've heard good things about them and I liked the movie. Good luck with the house!