Monday, June 29, 2009

Thank you facebook

A BIG shout out to facebook for trying so hard to end my single-ness (is a word?). I must say that I am thankful for a social gathering place that is looking out for me and my single status. Each and every time I log in I am greeted with a variety of dating websites that showcase numerous appealing qualities in a prospective mate (okay, some of them aren't appealing, but maybe I should branch out).

Here are a smattering of examples:
Too many friends? (Been there, done that)
Date Rich & Successful Meet millionaires, CEO's, entrepreneurs and successful men looking for quality women (very tempting I dare say)
Catholic Match Have a good time meeting genuine men in the world's largest website for single Catholics. ( probably not for me)
Find a date. Complete's free personality test and receive your first personality-inspired matches today!

The best one I dismissed before I could read (and copy & paste), yes it was a dating website dedicated to single dads. Ah, there's the tug on the heart strings. Bless those single dads (have I said too much...).

I digress. Thank you facebook for bombarding me with opportunities to meet creepers, I mean, men online. Just when I feel as though I have hit a blogging dead end I enter into the land of promise. Hallelujah!

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The Blair's said...

I love your sense of humor. Oh how I miss you...when are we getting together?