Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Budgeting Blunder

Get it? Like budgeting "wonder" only not wonder but blunder! I'm good aren't I? Alright, so in an attempt to get ahold of my slippery finances, I'm becoming an anal money recorder/penny pincher/miserly bitty. It's about time!

Really, this is the hardest thing I've done (aside from not putting food in my mouth when I'm bored). I sat with my good friend for two and a half hours while we looked at exactly how much money I spend and how much I bring in. We had to assign money to different categories, "spend it on paper. Hello envelope system!

The worst part is, I can't officially start until Thursday when I get paid, but I'm already ready to break it. But I won't! While I wait, I decorate 10 envelopes to the max 'til I make the withdrawal on Thursday.

Don't be jealous. ;)

On a side note, if anyone was wondering about how I'm doing at stopping food from entering my mouth, I'm about 10% lighter than I was when I started and mmmm, 10 inches tighter (?). That's WW speak for I'm doing alright, but no second 10 pound ribbon just yet.


The Blair's said...

Do you know I only posted that little bit about Aaron for you. he he he...
In all honestly he asked about you and says that he feels like a real a**hole for the way he treated you especially since you guys bonded so well over the phone and what not. He kepy asking how you were doing and I talked you WAY up! :)
He wants to look you up on Facebook and apologize (do you even have a facebook?)so we will see if he comes through on that.
Other than that I am doing well, the end of the semester is in sight for me! Yippee!
Good luck on your money system!

The Blair's said...

Yes, please let me know if he man's up and says sorry! He is supossed to be coming back down to AZ in the next few months...how about a do-over! lol!

The Blair's said...

Dinner would be great! It has been forever! It will be my treat...an early birthday present if you will.
After Christmas ok?

Brigitte said...

Katie!! You're blogging again, and I'm blogging again.... this is TOTALLY a match made in heaven. haha. I don't know... I've just been in this FUNK and I just don't know what to blog about! But I feel a comeback a comin so stick around because this could get good.

So the white envelope method... I've heard of this and I actually think it's a great idea. I HATE dealing with cash but I think it would help to visualize the money actually disappearing. It's so much easier to spend money when all you have to do is swipe a plastic card. I've tried to justify it saying that it's easier to track where the money is being spent when everything is on the credit card (ya know with statements and everything), but honestly it's easier to overspend when you buy everything on credit cards. SOMEDAY I'll make the switch to white envelopes and separating the allotted amounts that way. Let me know how it goes!

And your friend above has me wondering.... how's the love life? Are you regretting your choice to break up with the last guy? Ya know feelings can grow.......

Lauren said...

You give me great ideas on a new budgeting system, friend. Hope the next 3 weeks go swell for you; I'm counting down HOURS until we're on break!! Say hello to your fam for me.

Brady + Marsha said...

budgeting is fun when you are setting it up and then it just sucks when you can't buy everything you want. Keep it up though. I'm sure the awesome envelopes will help. Way to go!