Sunday, March 16, 2008


Okay, those who know me know that there are just some things I cannot say no to, you know, like Diet Coke. ;) Anyways, the point of this post...I'm um, re-creating my MySpace. I KNOW! It's terrible, but I'm just so nosy and the blog-hopping isn't cutting it, I mean, I can't look up specific people and it drives me completely insane. Maybe I should blame this on 2 weeks off for spring break... No, I'm not looking for love on MySpace (are you kidding me?), just thought I would throw that out there in case someone actually thought that was a reason. I'm not even close to being desperate, so no way am I THAT desperate!

In other news, I get my lonely wisdom tooth pulled on Tuesday. They're gonna hook me up to an IV and drift me off to sleep and get that baby out. I get to look like a lopsided chipmunk for 3 days of my spring break. Woo hoo!!! At least it'll give me a reason to skip the gym for a few days (I've been very good about going for the last week, like 2 hours a day even!). I do like going to the gym, mostly because I get results, but a break will be nice. :)

So next time to see me I will be prepared to be razzed about the dumb account, give me a break, I'm only human!

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