Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm not me...

So I've been acting like a complete spaz this last week and I only can think of one explanation: the drugs. I've been loopy, paranoid, sleepy, forgetful, anxious, and I don't know, ask anyone who has associated with me. I've decided to take a big step and boycott the pain meds. After skipping the last dose I was supposed to have, I'm not entirely convinced that I should be finished, but I'm not really diggin the idea of not controlling my thoughts, words, and actions. It's more like a dull, uncomfortable pain so I think I can handle it. By tomorrow I'm hoping the weirdness will have faded and I'll be acting like me again, cross your fingers.

On to other news, I go back to school Monday. No kids yet, but back to school. It's really bitter sweet actually. I love that I have the opportunity to sleep in (which I've only taken advantage of today), but I feel like I'm not getting much done. Any ideas on what to do for the last REAL 24 hours of my break?

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kris said...

You haven't been blogging. I expect to see some fun pictures from your school's "SPRING FLING"!