Sunday, February 10, 2008

Manless no more?

I know what you're thinking so far, but I'm referring to the title of my blog and not my status. It's not that "Manless in Mesa" doesn't fit anymore or that I've gotten a terrible response to it, but you know when you just start itching to change something? Rather than do something too drastic like dye my hair (which I already did this week) or get a tattoo (I would never be so rash, that one requires some thought), I figure I could change my blog title. I'm a thinker! I'm asking for input, any ideas for the change?

Hmm, what else is there to write about...I've managed to avoid getting the terrible cold/flu/bronchitis/fever thing going around in my classroom. I averaged 20 kids all week long (there are 25 on the roster), those 20 kids still managed to disrupt instruction pretty much consistently with the chorus of coughing. You know how if you see someone yawn, you get the urge to yawn too? Well it's the same for coughing, apparently. Even mentioning the word would result in phlegmy coughing all around. I shiver just thinking of it.

In other news, I deleted my MySpace! I haven't even been tempted to re-create it! I think that's pretty good considering it ate up a lot of my life for 2 years. You'd think that that would free up a lot of time, but not really. On a whim, I registered for in October, (you know, "it's okay to look"?) and though I haven't looked at it much in the last 4 months my subscription ends this month and I've been popping on. If you've never resorted to online dating you're missing out. It's amazing what people will put on their profiles to get attention. I could devote an entire post to that alone. I plan to REALLY get a life in March.

Hmmm, I think that's all for now, check ya later.


Joshua said...

Personally I liked the old title, but I must admit that I've always been partial to "You had me at 'get lost!'" ha

Lauren said...

I'm so glad you finally updated your blog! I love your current title but I have been thinking all day about possible new ones...and have drawn a blank, but I'll keep thinking.

Brady & Marsha said...

You're tired of it already? I like it. Tell your family hi from me.