Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gimme your Box Tops!

I know that we have had this conversation. I know we have. I remember telling you all just what products you can cut these bad boys off of and save for my loveable, well-deserving classroom. It's time to send those collections to me (I'm aware that there are only 2 of you; shame, shame on the other 5 readers of my blog. Audrey, you get a free pass because you are collecting Box Tops yourself) If you have any, and I mean ANY, just let me know where to send the self-addressed envelope.

As of right now, my class is in 1st place. But, I know (for a fact because I am snoopy) that there is at least one teacher who is holding out. When I say holding out, I mean she has an entire box full. We're talking over 1,000. And I know that she, I mean they, are just waiting for February 25th (which is the deadline) to roll around so she, I mean they, can blindside me.

Help us out! Where should I send the envelope? Remember, deadline is February 25th, so I need them before then. My kindergarteners thank you.



jen hulet said...

Ashlee takes all of my box tops...i promise next year you WILL get all of ours!! By the way congrats on the race. That's awesome!

Candice said...

I don't have a ton (about 50), but I will drop off what I have. Good luck!

Congratulations on the house! That is so exciting! It looks wonderful! I expect an invite after it is done! :)

Tristan said...

I have quite a few that we need to turn in. I would need some persuading to turn them in with your name on them though.

Congrats on 1st place and boo for those hoarders. I so want to know who does that.

Lisa said...

You know I cannont donate to your classroom, would if I could, but I can't. And, who hoardes? So not nice! Good luck on keeping the lead!