Sunday, December 6, 2009

A weak 100th post

How is it that when I have something to blog I choose not to blog and when I do not have anything to blog I decide to post? So maybe this will be a bunch of snippets, updates about what is going on in my world (please stop begging now).

**This year is hard. It's only my 4th year and now I see why people get burned out in this profession. I have experienced things that I never thought I would have to and it's been a repeated slap in the face. Just 101 more days...
**My hair frustrates me. I need to sit my sister down sometime soon for a hacking and just can't mesh the schedules. So I dyed it.
**There is no hole yet.
**I am a football addict. I never saw it coming, it just did. Shocking.
**It is 39 degrees outside and I have no winter clothes.
**It is Sunday and I have no church clothes.
**Two dates in two weeks, also shocking.
**My skin is pasty white. I am in desperate need of a tan, which leads me to...
**Where should I lay on the beach this year? Suggestions?


Tristan said...

You have the cutest hair and are the best kindergarten teacher ever.

And as far as the football addict thing goes...Austen was very sad that we didn't invite you to he and Nicholas' playoffs this past weekend. It was very sweet that he wanted you to be there.

We love you, seriously do. Hang in there with the 101 days left.

Lisa said...

You are an awesome teacher. Some years are better than others, obviously, but don't give up! Tons of us love you and think you are just the bomb! xoxo!!

Cara said...

Oh my gosh you and I are twinners! Became a Cardinals fan outta no where...I too have NO clothes as I have been losing weight and refuse to buy anything...I need a tan so bad too, it's hard to tell the difference between my G's and my skin...yeah that's bad.
Not sure what the hole means but we can discuss over dinner?

kimmarquesandbaby said...

You seriously crack me up!!! I love you.

kris said...

I think you are a fantastic teacher!! The hair?..,Always looks cute. Football? have another in the family who is one also,he is probably theone who turned you! 2 dates in two weeks, I'll bet there will be more!!
Winter clothes? Comes take some from my closet...I have plenty (you know with my long sleeve obsession)! Church can borrow from me too! Where to tan??? Just tan at the beach!! There all problems solved!! I love you Did...your the best!!